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Here you will find instruction manuals for various products to download. All downloads use Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don’t have this software then click the logo below to download a free version.

Cable Mat and Cable Kit Instructions – Download

Carbon Heating Film Instructions – Download

Heat-Pak Installation Instructions – Download

AUBE TH-132F Digital Thermostat Instructions – Download

FH270 Touch-Screen Digital Thermostat Instructions – Download

FH01 Digital Thermostat instructions – Download

FH01 Quick Start Programming Guide – Download

Tile Backer Board Fixing Instructions – Download

Therma Coat Data Sheet – Download

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Mirror Demisters

Keep your mirrors mist free with these easy to install demisters.

Mirror Demisters

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  • Save Money on your energy bills
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Space Saving