Energy Efficient Business Underfloor Heating

Water Underfloor Heating Provides a Consistent, Reliable & Energy Efficient Business Heating Solution


Commercial Underfloor Heating

WarmFloors provide commercial underfloor heating systems for businesses all around the UK. 

Whether you are an architect, designer, developer, business owner with a commercial underfloor heating system to design, plan and execute on time and on budget we have the solutions.

From industrial units to schools, to health care to large domestic properties WarmFloors can help you deliver a successful commercial heating system in conjunction with Uponor

Benefits of Water Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating provides a number of advantages over other types of heating system. Firstly, it provides a high level of comfort, offering a consistent heat level across a room and is less prone to cold spots which might be experienced with other heating emitter types. It also benefits from lower convection rates than for example a traditional radiator, and therefore less draughts.

With the correct levels of insulation, underfloor heating has the potential to provide a heating solution which saves end users more energy and money, longer term.

New Builds or Property Renovations

Underfloor heating is ideal for new builds but it is also becoming more popular for renovations thanks to new product innovations in this area. While it is increasingly recognised as a ‘desirable’ among homeowners, helping developers to market large-scale property developments, it is also increasingly being viewed as attractive in commercial applications such as hotels, spas, offices and schools. Here, there is clearly a real opportunity for building added value into a property portfolio or high-spec development.


Recent Examples of Installations

  • 5000m2 installation at Northwood School, London
  • 800m2 Apartments in Knaresborough
  • 2500m2 Care Home, Sheffield
  • 3000m2 Private School, South London
  • 600m2 Light Commercial Unit, Leeds
  • 850m2 Modular Construction Harrogate College

WarmFloors Commercial Clients


A Cleaner Heating Solution - Ideal for Medical Facilities

Perhaps less known is the fact that underfloor heating has been linked to health benefits, with the radiant energy generated by underfloor heating resulting in less dust, and therefore dust mites, being circulated than with traditional radiators. This offers real potential for medical applications and developments.

No Need for Screed!

Existing commercial and residential housing stock can benefit from underfloor heating too. The traditional method of installing underfloor heating pipes onto an insulation base and covering with screed can be used however, this can become a disruptive and time consuming installation.

Other systems exist within the market that can avoid this such as overlay systems, which can be laid directly onto existing floors in a much quicker time-frame and do not require a screed finish.

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