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WarmFloors can supply and install many different types of wet underfloor heating for an ideal heating solution 

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WarmFloors Underfloor Heating in Bradford do Retro-fit Wet Systems

These are fast becoming the new system to rival electric underfloor heating, where in the past a water underfloor heating system would require 50-100mm floor depth we can now offer a wet underfloor heating system from as little as 20mm! this isn’t any thicker than some electric systems.

We offer two retrofit systems – one is from “Variotherm” this is a premium 20mm thick system using 11.6mm heating pipe and 18mm thick gypsum fibre boards all combined and locked together with a calcium sulphate filling compound. You can put almost any floor covering over this system such as tiles, laminate, carpet and decorative vinyl.

The second system is a 20mm silver foiled XPS board, XPS systems have a much higher compressive strength than EPS panels (standard polystyrene), in addition to this our XPS panels use 16mm pipe with 150mm pipe pitch providing excellent heating properties in all our Bradford installations.

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In Screed Underfloor Heating

In-Screed Water Underfloor Heating

In screed systems are the bread and butter of underfloor heating. These are usually installed during the build of a new building or extension.

Typically the underfloor heating pipe is fastened to foiled backed insulation with pipe clips and then covered with 50mm liquid screed or 65mm sand cement screed. Pipe spacings range from 100mm – 300mm depending on the design and heat-load requirement for the room.

"WarmFloors are true "all-in-one" underfloor heating installation specialists in Bradford and will take care of everything for you, from design and planning to fitting, plumbing and electrical work."

In Joist Underfloor Heating

In-Joist Wet Underfloor Heating

There are several methods for installing in-between joists, but our favoured method is to use foiled backed insulation supported by battens fixed to the inside of the joist with a 25mm gap to the surface of the joist, then the underfloor heating pipe installed on top with pipe spacings to suit the building and 25mm sand cement back-fill (biscuit mix)

Alternative methods would be to insulate as above, then use aluminium heat spreader plates with the pipe resting in the plates. For more information contact us at Underfloor Heating Bradford

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